24 Nov

Are You Drinking the Kool-Aid or Stirring the Pitcher? Know the Flavor of Your Office Culture.


What’s the Flavor of Your Kool-Aid?

After a tumultuous team meeting at a former place of employment, a seasoned co-worker said something to me that changed my entire thought process about the workplace and how I conduct myself as a manager. With deepest sincerity, he said, “Jamye, you either have to drink the kool-aid or stir the pitcher, but you can’t do both”. It got me thinking. Do I give in and just go along with the crowd or do I keep trying to implement change in an environment that doesn’t want it? Neither option seemed right for me so I began to evaluate myself. I decided that to be the manager I had hoped to be, I had to discover the leader I was meant to be. By taking this journey, I soon found myself happily drinking the kool-aid I was stirring. You can too!  First, you need to know the flavor of your kool-aid. Read More

02 Jun

Do Your Kids Have Better Social Etiquette at Home Than You Do at the Office?

As a parent, one of the essential traits I instill in my kids is respecting the people they interact with every day. Their classmates and their friends, as these are the people that my kids will be together with for the remainder of their childhood. It seems that more and more, the schools are implementing group projects as an essential part of the curriculum. To work effectively in the group, kids must be open-minded and respect all views and perspectives. This may be a difficult task for kids who are still trying to identify their own sense of individualism. However, is it still a difficult task for working professionals in the adult world?

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