24 Nov

Are You Drinking the Kool-Aid or Stirring the Pitcher? Know the Flavor of Your Office Culture.


What’s the Flavor of Your Kool-Aid?

After a tumultuous team meeting at a former place of employment, a seasoned co-worker said something to me that changed my entire thought process about the workplace and how I conduct myself as a manager. With deepest sincerity, he said, “Jamye, you either have to drink the kool-aid or stir the pitcher, but you can’t do both”. It got me thinking. Do I give in and just go along with the crowd or do I keep trying to implement change in an environment that doesn’t want it? Neither option seemed right for me so I began to evaluate myself. I decided that to be the manager I had hoped to be, I had to discover the leader I was meant to be. By taking this journey, I soon found myself happily drinking the kool-aid I was stirring. You can too!  First, you need to know the flavor of your kool-aid. Read More